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Who we are
Glen trying and failing to smile                                 ... but much happier with a  
            naturally ...                                                      drill in his hand!

Born in Liverpool three quarters of the way through the last century, Glen managed to escape to the South where he took a degree in Latin and ancient Greek (obviously looking for the most practical course he could find).
He then went to work as a steel trader in the City, ending up in charge of sales to the Caribbean. Eventually fed up of either sitting at a desk or day or seeing tourists setting off for the beach while he traipsed around another West Indian industrial estate, he decided to leave the City behind and seek his fortune on the streets of Croydon.
He started off as a humble handyman before signing up as an electrician's mate until he had the experience and qualifications he needed to set up as a fully-fledged domestic electrician.
Glen has a twelve-year-old daughter who is busy leaving her sweet lovely phase behind in preparation for her teenage years. He has just got engaged to his long-suffering girlfriend who has proof-read this website and who he blames for any errors or omissions.
His favourite biscuits are plain chocolate digestives.
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